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Fairness and transparency are fundamental yet powerful concepts that can make a lasting impression on employees. Employees leave organizations for all sorts of reasons. They find a different job, go back to school, retire, get angry about a work-related or personal issue, quit on impulse, or decide they no longer need a job (referred to as "voluntary turnover"). Still, others get fired or laid off by the organization (referred to as "involuntary turnover").

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A critical issue that organizations face is how to retain the employees they want to keep. Companies must anticipate impending shortages of overall talent and a shortfall of employees with the specialized competencies to stay ahead of the competition. Employers that systematically manage employee retention—both good and bad—will stand a greater chance of weathering such shortages.

We offer a strategy to manage employee retention that involves strategic actions to keep employees motivated and focused. Hence, they elect to remain employed and fully productive for the organization’s benefit. A comprehensive employee retention program can play a vital role in attracting and retaining key employees and reducing turnover and its related costs. All of these contribute to an organization’s productivity and overall business performance. It is more efficient to retain a quality employee than to recruit, train and orient a replacement employee of the same quality.
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