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We will help you develop policies and procedures for your business that incorporate the 4 C's - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. This structure will be used to create guidelines for supervisors and managers to use as a reference for managing your staff. We develop each key area for you to state your policies, then add procedures for employees to follow the guidelines and what happens if the processes are broken.

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Your company's most important role is to comply with federal, state, and local laws regarding employment. Not following these laws will leave you vulnerable to lawsuits. Well-written HR policies and procedures will cover applicable laws, as well as items that are specific to your industry and business. We can help you define such policies as Equal Opportunities Policy; Discrimination in labor laws and is compliant with the regulations, Recruiting and Hiring, Termination and Offboarding; At-will employment clause and any exceptions, Salaries, and Bonuses, Performance Appraisals; Safety, Codes of Conduct: Sexual harassment, dress code, substance abuse; drug testing, Scheduling; Lunch periods and other breaks, Benefits: Vacations, holidays and sick time; health insurance; family leave, Use of Company Tools and Equipment: Email and internet use, Conflict of Interest Statement, Confidentiality Agreement, Grievances, and Disciplinary Actions.

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