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What We’re Offering


The Aura Initiative can allow you to attract qualified applicants, retain existing employees, compete with other employers.

Colleagues working together

Employee Retainment

Fairness and transparency are fundamental yet powerful concepts that can make a lasting impression on employees.

Company Culture

We can assist you in clearly defining and developing a transparent company culture for both internal and external stakeholders.


Companies need a thoughtful compensation program to remain competitive within their industry and to attract and retain top talent.

Employee Records

Keeping on top of records is essential for ensuring you are properly safeguarding your employees while in the workplace.

Employee Relations

Human Resources plays a pivotal role in employee satisfaction by developing employee relations programs that help boost productivity.

Management Coaching

The path to success requires balancing soft and hard skills.


The Aura Initiative is dedicated to making payroll simple. We provide an alternative to the mega-national payroll companies.

Policy & Procedure

We will help you develop policies and procedures for your business that incorporate the 4 C's - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

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